20 Jun 16 / Blog

Nine questions for a successful media interview

So you’ve been promoting your story on social media, sending out press releases, reaching out to journalists and doing everything you can to make sure your organisation’s message is heard in the media. You really want to secure a media interview for your story.  You’ve just awarded yourself ‘top PR’ in your own mind and nipped out for a coffee to tell your friend in the next building all about your hard work. And when you get back to your desk, you have a message to return a journalist’s call – they want an interview. Props to you!! So what do you do next to make sure this opportunity turns into a successful media interview?

Here are the nine questions you need to ask:
  1. Collect the basics – name, news organisation, mobile phone contact, Twitter handle, other contact details
  2. Tell me more about the story you’re working on. Are you approaching the story from any perspective?
  3. Who else are you interviewing?
  4. What’s the format – print, TV, radio, live, over the phone?
  5. What exactly do you need from me?
  6. What journalist will be conducting the interview?
  7. How long will the interview take?
  8. Do you have a deadline? Respect this! Journalists are under huge pressure to meet deadlines, help them out.
  9. Spell your name and organisation name – preferably email it!

If you have the answers to these nince questions then you’ll be prepared to give the journalist what they need for their story.   And if you can help the journalist then you’ll be top of mind the next time they need a spokesperson from your industry.   Whether you’re the interviewee or you’re preparing the spokesperson from your organisation for interview, you’ve now gathered all the information you need for a successful media interview.  It’s now time to put it to good use and to prepare!

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