A Programme in Executive Presence for Your High Potential Team

Unlock the Full Leadership Potential of Your Team

Bridge the executive presence gap and unleash your high-potential team members. The transformative “Own Your Space” program empowers them to communicate confidently and assert their leadership.

We all know the value of our high-potential team members.

 They consistently deliver strong work, yet there is something that’s holding them back. They may avoid perceived conflict, often defer to others instead of asserting their position, and can be reluctant to take ownership.

It’s a communication gap between who they are and how they’re seen by others. It’s a problem with their confidence and executive presence. 

Own Your Space is a powerful programme designed to bridge this executive presence gap and unlock the full leadership potential of your high-potential team members.

Why Offer Own Your Space To Your Team?

This Own Your Space programme equips your leaders with the tools they need to command respect, lead confidently, and drive results. This comprehensive programme fosters a culture of increased confidence, enhanced communication and leadership accountability for your high potential team members.

Benefits for You

Enhanced Decision-Making

When everyone is equipped to make their voice heard, you harness the power of diverse perspectives for robust decision-making.

Frictionless Communication

Develop connections between leaders in different parts of your business for a shared understanding of your company’s purpose.

Increased Innovation

Confident team members are more likely to share creative ideas and champion change.

Leadership Pipeline

An investment in your leaders is an investment in the future of your company.

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

Companies with a culture of continuous development are attractive to high-calibre individuals.

Highlights for Your High Potential Team Members

Making Your Voice Heard

Master the art of strategic communication and make sure that your ideas get heard.

Navigating Disagreements

Learn to influence with confidence and turn opposing viewpoints into collaborative opportunities.

Leading the Conversation

Discover how to take control of discussions and steer them towards productive outcomes.

The Power of Active Listening

Develop superior listening skills and leverage questions to gain deeper understanding and build trust.

Presenting with Impact

Captivate your audience and deliver winning presentations that inspire action.

Build Strong Professional Relationships

Meet with team members from across your organisation to enhance your professional network.

Who Should Attend?

1. Your high-potential team members stepping into leadership roles.
2. Individuals seeking to increase their visibility and influence within the company.
3. Professionals who want to hone their communication skills and present with confidence.

Here is a sample programme. Allow us to co-create and design your own bespoke programme!

This interactive programme incorporates a blend of:

Expert-Led Instruction

Gain valuable insights from experienced leadership development professionals.

Skill-Building Exercises

Practice new techniques in a safe and supportive environment.

Group Discussions

Share experiences and learn from peers.

Personalised Coaching

Receive individual feedback and guidance to optimize your learning experience.


The Own Your Space programme is always tailored, always Bespoke. We’ll address your specific challenges or industry trends.We work with organisations in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK.

Invest in Your Team's Success Success

The “Own Your Space” programme empowers your high potential team to become confident, influential, and impactful contributors. We work with teams in in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK.

Contact us today to discuss a bespoke programme for your team in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK!