3MT Ulster University Winner
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Get this one thing right – and your 3MT® talk will be a winner!

Ulster University has had great success in the prestigious 3MT® competition. In 2018, Temilola Olanrewaju secured a top 12 place in the UK-wide competition, followed quickly by Oluwashina Akinsanmi winning the UK People’s Choice Award in…
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Presentations too long? Try pecha-kucha!

When you next present to a group, here’s something for you to try.  Ask someone in your audience a week later what they remember from your presentation.  Try it – you’ll find it’s an interesting lesson in key messages.  Did they…
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How to be a brilliant lightning panellist

Lightning panels are a rapid-fire event format designed to introduce an audience to a topic that they may not know much about. As an expert speaker, you’re invited to sit on a panel to share your knowledge – in a short space of time.  A…
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Business Eye press coverage

We're pleased to feature in the November 2018 issue of Business Eye magazine.  We've worked with over 1,500 people in our three years in business so far - it's nice to see that number in print!  Thank you to all the wonderful clients that…
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What to wear on TV

We’re often asked for advice on what to wear on TV or in a video.  Whilst you might spend hours agonising over your look, it's really best for you to keep it simple.  If you’re wearing something distracting, then that’s all your viewers…
Researcher CC-BY Jim Sorenson
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Research communications with Ulster University

Ulster University is committed to research impact, and its reputation for research excellence has received global recognition. Ulster University wants to make sure its best research helps tackle the world’s biggest challenges, improves lives…
David Meade TEDx
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Lessons from TEDx - trust me, they're not nerves that you're feeling ....

So the day of TEDx was upon us.  The sense of occasion in the great hall during the speakers breakfast was palpable.  There were twenty or so of us there ready to share our ideas. We were ushered into the senate chamber for a comprehensive…
presentation at meeting
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Does your audience listen when you speak?

You've been asked to give a presentation at your next staff meeting.  Do you think: a) “I have so much to say, I just don't know how I'm going to fit it into a five minute slot” b) “My topic is really boring…. no-one is ever interested…
emotions in audience
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Lessons from TEDx - how can you enjoy your speaking more?

Sometimes after getting invited to do something we get that sudden excitement followed by the realisation - “Oh no I have to actually do this now!”  That was certainly the case after I got invited to speak at TEDxStormont in 2014.  I needed…
FLeD Goals
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One simple tool to help your next presentation or talk

What’s the first thing that you do when you're asked to give a presentation? Do you spend weeks putting it off, and finally sit down the night before to pull it all together? Or maybe you want to whip out a blank piece of paper and start to…
Richard Wasson TEDx
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Lessons from TEDx - it's not all about you

Firstly I’d like to say I have the upmost respect for anyone who stands up to speak in front of a group of people.   If you’re nervous about speaking, I completely understand. The reason I know what you’re going through is because…
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How top speakers manage nerves

Managing nerves when you're asked to speak in public is something that you might struggle with. And you're not alone! One of our favourite discoveries at Bespoke Communications is the Harvard commencement speech from the great American tv host,…
Teamwork, staff training

Why do great staff training programmes just work?

I’m sure the board of the Sussex Football Association had the best of intentions when they published their widely-ridiculed considerations for increasing participation in women and girls.  The idea - to encourage more girls to take part in…

In a post-truth era, how can your message stand out?

After two bruising political campaigns in the US and the UK in 2016, we’ve had plenty of opportunity to watch leaders and aspiring leaders in action as they tried to win public approval. The most successful political campaigns have been built…
office meeting speak up

Speak up, and increase your influence

We’ve all been there – sitting in a meeting where you just don’t agree with what’s being said. You have two choices. You can speak up and express your opinion or stay quiet and go along with #groupthink. Maybe it’s the fear of judgment…
Nerves, Relaxation
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Nerves when presenting - how to cope

What’s holding you back from stepping out and making that speech or presentation? For many people, it’s fear of fear itself! Nerves when presenting are common and - believe it or not - necessary for a good performance! But if your nerves…
public opinion
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Develop public opinion through the media

As we’ve all seen, public understanding of an issue develops over time, often slowly, and in several stages. Compelling messaging will help you to connect with key audiences to shape public opinion on the cause that you work for and believe…
acc stephen martin ethos pathos logos
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Ethos, pathos and logos in a TED talk

As public speaking partners to TEDxStormont, we’ve been lucky enough to hear talks from a variety of innovative and creative speakers. .  We've heard about everything from innovation (David Meade), women in science (Jocelyn Bell Burnell),…
research impact Sarah Travers TV interview
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Pitching the media for research impact

UK Universities spend a lot of time and energy making sure that their research has positive benefits on society and their communities. Research impact matters to university researchers, so public engagement is important. If you’re a researcher…
TED Speaker Aimee Mullins
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Storytelling plots for a business presentation

We run workshops in presentation skills for all kinds of audiences – managers, front-line staff, sales teams, volunteers and more.  If you'd like to make a presentation to inspire your audience to make a change, there is nothing more motivating than…
Sarah Travers media interview
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Nine questions for a successful media interview

So you've been promoting your story on social media, sending out press releases, getting in touch with journalists and doing everything you can to make sure your organisation's message is heard in the media. You really want to secure a media…
networking TEDx Speaker Susan HayesCulleton

Three top tips that will transform your networking forever

I had the great fortune to meet the Positive Economist, Susan Hayes, for the first time today. Susan was at DigitalDNA to help Mary McKenna launch the Irish International Business Network in Northern Ireland Apart from the convincing anecdotes…
TED Speaker Amy Cuddy
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Stories .... even in a business presentation

Effective stories can change our opinions, they can inspire us to achieve goals that we didn't think were possible, and they can show us how we can change things for the better. But for some people telling stories just doesn’t seem professional…
business networking

Business networking for fun and gains

Bespoke Communications was delighted to partner with the Londonderry Chamber of Commerce and Business in the Community to host a business networking workshop at the Londonderry Chamber offices on May 5th last. We enjoyed the company of lots…
speaker Joe Schmidt Ireland Rugby
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Speaker masterclass from Joe Schmidt, Ireland Rugby Head Coach - #BeMoreJoe

I’m a big fan of Dan Pink, author of ‘To Sell is Human’, TED speaker and all-round irreverent dispenser of great business advice. I watched a video recently where he gave his viewers a top tip - ‘Make sure you leave people full of energy…