Speakeasy Presentation Coaching

It’s not just what you say…it’s how you say it.

For talks and presentations in person, online or on video messages.

Speakeasy is a unique presentation coaching programme for executives and business leaders.

Benefit from tailored one2one support, live group coaching and our media training expertise.

Our next programme begins on Monday 17th June. Limited places available by application only.


Transform your speaker presence in just 6 weeks with Speakeasy presentation coaching


Would you like to raise your game?

Your slides are great. You know your subject inside out. You’ve prepared well. But you look at your audience and you feel they’re just not listening. Or you bring up a point in a meeting and it gets ignored. Five minutes later, someone else says the same thing, and the room sits up and pays attention.

We work with executives and business leaders who want to speak with impact – from the stage, at events, in meetings either face-to-face, virtual or on video.

Boost your skills quickly so that you:

  • Cement your status as thought leader in your industry with impactful talks and presentations.
  • Inspire your team for transformational change.
  • Build trust with prospective clients for pitches that win new business.
  • Engage public affairs stakeholders for meaningful influence on policy.
  • Create confident and engaging videos for internal and external audiences.
  • Build a personal brand to influence those around you.
  • Gain a promotion or a new job by conveying a powerful presence in executive meetings, presentations and video.
  • Maximise your credibility and visibility across your organisation.
  • Enhance your organisation’s reputation with external stakeholders.
Northern Ireland, Ireland, and the UK

Our Speakeasy presentation coaching participants come from all over Northern Ireland, Ireland, and the UK.

public speaking coaching

Still not convinced?

We’ve helped senior figures like these to become highly effective presenters:

  • Business owners.
  • Senior executives from all business sectors.
  • Professional services experts – solicitors, barristers and accountants.
  • Those holding roles in policy and public affairs.
  • Engineers, software developers and data experts.
  • Senior officers and executives in the public sector.
  • Third sector leaders.
  • Academics and researchers.
  • Business development managers.
  • Executives preparing for promotion or job interviews.

How does the Speakeasy presentation coaching programme work?


public speaking coaching

One2one coaching with a skilled, experienced facilitator at times to suit you. You’ll benefit from 4 sessions tailored to your needs.


Accountability and peer learning. You meet with a small group once per week for 6 weeks. With a careful selection of weekly challenges you’ll be kept accountable for your own development, and learn from your peers.


Media Training expertise. We’ve coached hundreds of people to handle challenging media interviews. Apply those skills to your meetings and presentations.


Flexibility. With a small group and one2one coaching, you can focus on the skills that you peronally want to develop. Week on week, you’ll learn practical approaches that help you to build your influence.


Safe space. We offer a nurturing and supportive atmosphere; we work together to build on your strengths and help you learn how to manage discomfort.


Confidentiality. We guarantee that you will not meet a competitor in your group. We make sure that you are in a group with people at a similar level within their organisation all working towards the same goal as you.


What will I gain from the Speakeasy presentation coaching programme?

Uncover, discover and apply

The confidence, credibility and clarity you need to be a persuasive, attention-grabbing presenter are already within you. We sharpen your skills each time we meet.


Vital skills that you gain:

  1. Behind-the-scenes secrets of experienced TV presenters.
  2. Techniques to manage nerves and performance anxiety.
  3. Easy-to-follow guides and templates that you can use for every talk or presentation that you ever give.
  4. Unshakeable resilience to build your confidence.
  5. How to speak so they really listen!



And there’s more! Here’s what else you learn

  • Proven frameworks from behavioural science to encourage your audiences to make the changes you – and they – desire.
  • A suite of templates to use in every presentation – webinars, videos, panel events, podcasts, presentations, keynotes speeches and event hosting.
  • A structured approach to help you to speak with clarity.
  • Curated resources and talks to inspire you.
  • How to use create polished presentations using freely available platforms like OBS and Canva.
  • A curated book list from the world’s leading speakers, coaches and authors.




How much does Speakeasy cost?

€1,795 or £1,495 (plus VAT)

Alternatively, a monthly payment plan is available.

  • We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not enjoying the programme, we’ll refund you, no questions asked.


VAT applies in UK only. If you’re not VAT registered or self-funding this course, don’t worry, we’ll pay the VAT for you. Just let us know on your application form. If you are based in Ireland or rest of world – VAT does not apply.

How do I apply for Speakeasy?

Places are available by application only. We want to make sure that your group has the right balance to support your learning goals.

Click on ‘Find out more’ to set up a short meeting with your facilitator, Camilla Long, to understand if Speakeasy is the right fit for you.

Our next course starts on Monday 17th June. It runs on Mondays 16:00 – 17:00 GMT.




Frequently Asked Questions

I may not be available for every week of the programme. 

That’s OK, we record each session and you get access after it happens.

I’m not VAT registered. 

No problem. If you’re not UK VAT registered or self-funding this course, we’ll pay the VAT for you. Just let us know on your application form.

How can I pay?  

We accept payment by credit card or bank transfer.