Powerful Presentation Skills

Powerful presentation skills coaching programme for your teams

Powerful Presentation Skills Coaching Programme

We don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression!

The ability to present with confidence is a key skill in the workplace no matter what level or role you hold within your organisation. It’s not always about what you say, but how you say it.

Bespoke Communications works with individuals and teams across the UK and Ireland to help them develop powerful presentation skills –  presenting with confidence and clarity to have the impact they want on their audiences.

Our Powerful Presentations Skills Coaching Programme can help you and your team to develop the presentation skills you need for influence within and outside your organisation.

We have helped teams to:

  • Deliver a winning sales pitch
  • Present technical information to non-technical audiences
  • Influence business strategy through impactful presentations
  • Get the outcome they needed from a business meeting
  • Built trust and rapport with confident presentations
  • Deliver HR recruitment talks to school and university students
  • Speak with confidence at industry conferences and events

So how does our Powerful Presentation Skills Coaching Programme work?

This programme will support your team’s learning journey towards personal impact. The programme provides a powerful blend of group sessions and one2one coaching.

Step 1.

Book a one-to-one consultation to identify your team goals – what skills, behaviours and habits would you like to develop for deep personal impact for your teams?

Step 2.

Your team attends a bespoke masterclass tailored to the situations and audiences that they need to influence.

Step 3.

Your team each chooses their personal one-to-one coaching slot at a time that suits them for tailored feedback to help them develop their presentation skills.

Step 4.

Your team gets together online or face-to-face to deliver their presentations. Sit back and watch them shine!

What will my team gain from this Powerful Presentation Skills Coaching Programme?

They will learn to:

  • Communicate with clarity and credibility
  • Share their knowledge and expertise in a way that connects with their target audience
  • Develop the confidence to speak with clarity and credibility in front of large audiences
  • Develop business storytelling skills to influence and persuade
  • Present with confidence…no more nerves hijacking their performance!
  • Plus! Camera techniques for virtual meetings and events
  • Plus! Techniques that top speakers use to prepare and perform
  • Plus! Get a new relationship off to the right start with the neuroscience of first impressions
  • Plus! Influence hacks for memorable, impactful presentations

Bespoke Communications operate across the UK and Ireland and have worked with thousands of presenters across the UK and Ireland to help them to win business, influence stakeholders and build confidence for presentations, TED Talks, TV appearances, webinars, meetings and job interviews.

How does the Programme work?

  • Consultation with you to develop a bespoke programme to meet your team’s needs
  • One2one coaching
  • Personal, facilitated online learning experience
  • Recordings of sessions provided
  • Can be offered to groups from as few as 5 people

Want to find out more?

What our customers say…

I found the programme very inspiring, from the initial pitches that we were thrown straight into, through to the online learning modules and finally to the final presentation itself. The feedback was very informative and will certainly help me develop my presentation style in the future. Thanks again Camilla and Sarah.

Terry Robb
Head of Personal Banking Ulster Bank

This course was a revelation. It’s made me rethink my whole client-facing approach. I highly recommend Bespoke Communications and the Powerful Online Presentations course.  Superb.

Michael Gerner
Precise Proposals

Being able to competently address a crowd is of paramount importance to my career. After working with Sarah and Camilla, both my confidence and my competence levels have increased. If I had let fear take over and stop me, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Niamh Taylor
24 Digital

I received training on communication and presentation skills from Bespoke Communications as part of my new role in financial services. This was delivered to the entire team I work alongside, and you could really see a marked improvement in the entire team’s confidence levels and their finesse at presenting

Catherine Hart

Camilla offered me invaluable help in tailoring my pitch to a non-scientific audience. She helped me to emphasise the innovative nature of our research, the scale of commercial possibility for our technology  and most of all, made our concept stand out in a very competitive process.  She helped me to structure an investor-friendly pitch

Prof John Callan