Virtual Events

Be there for your teams with engaging and inspiring events to bring everyone together

Work-From-Home has so many benefits, but you’re missing out on those watercooler moments that make things happen and the camaraderie that comes from shared experiences in the office.

And if you’ve onboarded new team members, sharing your company culture becomes even more important in a virtual world.

How can team engagement events help?

Be there for your teams with an engaging and fun experience that adds value at a time of uncertainty.

Use these events to upskill team members. Encourage them to step up and speak on panels or deliver presentations to showcase their expertise as part of your event.  We can work with your speakers to get them comfortable in the spotlight.

Why work with Bespoke Communications?

  • We have experience of running virtual programmes with organisations like you that have adapted to work in a socially distant world.
  • We can develop a bespoke programme for you or deliver a one-off event to your specification.
  • As former BBC news anchor, Sarah is well versed in producing live broadcasts and can host your event for a lively and seamless experience.
  • With the experience of so many virtual events, we will be pleased to advise on platforms that give you the audience interaction you want.

We offer a range of programmes, tailored to your individual needs. Here are just two that we’ve developed:

Powerful Resilience Skills

The COVID 19 pandemic has been life-changing for many. 

Never before have we been faced with such challenges that drain energy, push emotional hotspots and distract attention. 

Building team resilience helps with engagement, retention and team morale. 

We can offer a four-part programme, made up of 2-hour modules delivered online over two months with practical take-aways and learning actions to implement after each session. 

The Empathetic Leader

Communicating with your virtual team 

This is a virtual workshop to help your managers and team leaders to think differently about how they lead and motivate a physically distant team.

Help them to find communication approaches to help their own teams to bring their best selves to work every day.

This course will help your team to:

  • Work with and manage peers
  • Influence and motivate others
  • Manage up and down the organisation
  • Collaborate across organisational silos to achieve faster results
  • Keep your teams engaged
  • Resilience
  • Leading virtual and blended teams
  • Expert speaker panel facilitation 
  • Client event hosting also available

    Bespoke pricing offered for each request

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