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Public speaking coach

Develop your confidence and skills with expert public speaking coaching for executives

In a world where the pace of change has accelerated beyond belief, your personal communication style has become ever more important. Public speaking coaching can help you to build your leadership influence.

Whether that’s a virtual keynote, a sales pitch, from a conference stage, a video message to your team or a Zoom call with a client, your speaker presence makes your message relevant and memorable.

Why work with a public speaking coach?

We are public speaking coaches to executives and senior leaders. We offer public speaking coaching and tutoring online. For your face-to-face events, we can offer public speaking coaching and tutoring in person throughout Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK.

Working with a public speaking coach will help you to:

  • Build your confidence whether you’re presenting online, at an awards ceremony, conference, town hall or any other public speaking occasion.
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  • Prepare your team for impactful presentations at strategy days that drive change for your organisation.
  • Make sure that your keynote or presentation is memorable for the audience you want to influence.

We can offer public speaking coaching and tutoring online – over Zoom, Teams or the platform of your choice.

In our public speaking coaching sessions, we offer open and honest feedback to ensure that you realise your potential, and that your messages have the impact on your audience that you need. We will be your critical friend and your biggest cheerleader.

What do we offer?

We offer four main programmes of support to support your communication and presentation skills. Our public speaking courses will help you and your team to develop your speaker presence for confidence and clarity in your public speaking.

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public speaking coaching

Speakeasy Public Speaking Coaching Programme

Speakeasy is a video presenting and public speaking programme for executives delivered online via Zoom. You benefit from one2one coaching and weekly live meetings to develop your confidence and skills in all communication situations.

Powerful Presentation Skills for Teams

Our Powerful Presentation Skills programme will help you and your team to deliver powerful and impactful presentations, from sales pitches to communicating internal change within your organisation. Learn to present with confidence. This programme can be delivered online via Zoom or we can work with teams in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK.

Media Training

Our Media Training programmes will help you and your team prepare for both proactive and reactive broadcast media. Get the skills and confidence you need to profile your organisation in the media or respond to a crisis situation.

Keynote or Strategy Day Coaching

Do you need a public speaking coach for a keynote speech at an upcoming conference or a TEDx talk? Or perhaps your senior leadership team is preparing for a strategy day to your entire organisation? We can offer public speaking coaching and tutoring one2one or in small groups to prepare you for the talk of a lifetime.

For those looking to improve presentation performance, our unique approach focuses on developing your individual potential and pulling out those personal and professional stories leading to improved confidence, delivery and impact.

You do you and our promise is to challenge you. Yes, we’ll move you out of your comfort zone to move the dial on the impact you make when you speak in front of others.

public speaking coaching

Is this for you? If you’re great at what you do, and now you need to present to others, allow us to help.

Maybe you’re re-interviewing for your job and you’ve been asked to give a presentation. Maybe you’re looking for investment in your company? Have you just got promoted or maybe, you’d like to be? Is social selling your thing, and you want to start using video on social media? Have you been asked to give a keynote online? Do you need to get buy-in for a project at work? Maybe you’d like to think of new ways to motivate the team online.

Whatever your presentation challenge, we’ve worked with others like you to help them be proud of their performance.

  • Support for a big presentation
  • TEDx talks
  • Virtual sales pitches (individual and teams)
  • Promotion panel interviews
  • Media interviews

    Starting from £150 + VAT/Starting from €180

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Why Work With Us?

For my recent media interview, I can’t tell you how helpful all the advice has been. I kept the nerves under control, and was happy with my interview, since I’d been so well briefed on the studio set-up and process.

Jenny Green
Institution of Civil Engineers