How to Give a Successful TEDx Talk or Signature Speech

This event is hosted by Genos International Europe

You may have the goal of delivering a TEDx on your bucket list, or perhaps you’ve just landed a coveted TEDx speaker slot. Congratulations! Now it’s time to make sure that your TEDx Talk delivers the impact that you want. Because a TEDx Talk is not a motivational speech, nor is it a platform to showcase your personal brilliance.

Your TEDx Talk is all about your idea – your new way of approaching an old problem, your unique perspective on a big challenge or your take on breaking down a complex problem. Your TEDx Talk is there to serve your audience. That way, you’ll craft a talk that goes viral!

Attend this event with experienced TEDx speaker coach, Camilla Long to find out how to craft a TEDx Talk that connects. Camilla has coached over 100 TEDx speakers, helping them to realise the talk of a lifetime.

Even if you’ve not secured a TEDx speaking slot, this will be a great session for anyone interested in making a real impact when they deliver a speech, talk or presentation.

This event was hosted by Genos International Europe on 5th May 2022.

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