Master the Skills of Public Speaking for impact and influence at hybrid events

When it comes to events, we’re finding that hybrid events are becoming the norm! After all the time spent adapting to virtual platforms like Zoom and Teams, we find ourselves at events that are part live in the room, part virtual on-screen.

Luckily we all have the capacity to flex and adapt. And learning how to pick up a mic again or stand up in front of your team or colleagues doesn’t have to be daunting.

How would you like to feel confident in ANY situation where the spotlight is on you? Hybrid events, face-to-face events, virtual events.

Here is a FREE public speaking training event with communications expert, Camilla Long from Bespoke Communications. You will learn how to:

* avoid the three killer mistakes that trip most people up when it comes to an impactful presentation – whether that’s an online event or a face-to-face keynote

* grow your mindset to take on any presenting challenge with confidence

* develop a simple system to help you to prepare no matter how little time you have

Master the Skills of Public Speaking for impact and influence

You can watch the live replay of this public speaking training event from anywhere in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK.