08 Feb 21 / Blog

How to manage presentation nerves

Presentation nerves – you need them! You can ask any performer, and they’ll tell you the same. Athletes on a pitch, singers on a stage, actors in a play. Presentation nerves are the hallmark of a true professional – they show that you care. And here’s the thing. Without those nerves, your performance will lack just a little bit of connection. Because you’ll sit back on easy street, and your audience will notice. There’s only a problem with presentation nerves if they hijack your performance and stop the real you from showing up.

So if you need the nerves to give a good performance, then what’s the secret to making presentation nerves your friend? Here’s a routine that you can use every time you’ve got an important talk.

On the morning of your talk

🚶 Get some exercise – get those endorphins flowing and build that positivity.
🍋 Stay away from the caffeine. Hot water and lemon is great for your voice.

One hour before at the venue or in your Zoom room

😜 Distract yourself. Try tongue twisters to get your brain in gear “She sells seashells by the seashore.”
🧘 Get limber. Stretch out and warm up your muscles.
🧠 Ground yourself and quell the nerves. Here’s where your favourite breathing routine comes in. Or try a rhythm of – inhale for 5/exhale for 10, repeated four times. Just feel the zen calm descend after that!

During your talk

😊 Make sure to smile. Remind your audience that you’re there because you love this topic.
💬 Keep it real. Imagine a conversation with the person that represents your audience. Now inject 10% more energy. That’s you making a real connection.


🎁 Step back and enjoy the gift that you have passed on to your audience.

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