Managing Difficult Conversations

Disagreement happens all the time. At work with colleagues. In relationships with clients. At home with family. For these conversations, the cost of failure is high. But these are the very conversations that fail most often. And they are the conversations that we put off – sometimes for weeks. If you could enter into these conversations knowing how to manage the process, what would that do for your wellbeing and resilience?

This programme uses negotiation techniques from a former FBI hostage negotiator to help you to speak up assertively and respectfully when there is a difference of opinion. You’ll build your resilience and confidence in your own abilities. The result? You will build stronger relationships, bounce back from difficult encounters more quickly and feel equipped to make your voice heard.

1. Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

2. Your Conversation Tool Kit

3. Communication Models To Help You Prepare

How does this programme help?

“The simple but fun practice sessions really helped me when I faced a horrible situation recently. Made a big difference to how I prepared.”

“My client phoned recently to apologise for how they had been treating my team after I stepped up to assert myself.”

“So many useful tips for dealing with stressful clients. A godsend.”

“Gave me a different view of the world. I have been on similar courses in the past but I thought this one was the best.”

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