Extraordinary Executive Presence

Your executive presence is about your ability to inspire confidence in those around you. It’s how you respond in conditions of stress and uncertainty. It’s about closing the gap between how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you. Your executive presence is a skill, not a personality trait. And like any other skill it can be learnt.

This four-part programme with Bespoke Communications helps the emerging leaders within your organisation to grow their influencing skills in meetings, presentations and interactions with clients and internals stakeholders.  We’ll help your team to identify the mindset shifts and daily habits that they can cultivate to build executive presence.  We’ll give them access to practical tools to communicate with clarity, charisma and confidence every time they’re visible to their professional network.  So that you’re growing your leadership pipeline and supporting your talent to achieve their full potential.

Part 1. Emotional intelligence

  • Develop your self-awareness and self-regulation
  • Build on empathy and social skills
  • Explore attitudes to assertive, aggressive and passive behaviours

Part 2.  Your Speaker Presence

  • Manage your subconscious mind to project authority and credibility
  • Build a repertoire of daily habits to develop your self-confidence and optimism
  • Practical approaches to owning your space, both virtually and in person

Presenting information – winning structures for concise, clear communication with impact

Part 3.  Growing your influence

  • Understand what you say is just as important as how you say it
  • ‘Start with Why’ to win hearts and minds with your presentations
  • Adopting a negotiators mindset to difficult conversations
  • Managing difficult questions with empathy and control

Part 4. The Grand Finale

You’ll deliver a presentation or short keynote speech, on a topic of your choice, to an audience of other delegates on the programme, with expert facilitated feedback.