Be Seen Be Heard

Be Seen Be Heard Pledge

By taking part in Be Seen, Be Heard, I am stepping forward to participate in media analysis, opinion and debate.

I understand that I may avail of media training at a nominal cost. After taking part in training, I will decide if I wish to add my name to the List. The List is a group of informed women experts willing to engage with media. The List will be made available to journalists, producers and researchers to help them source contributors for their programmes.

By adding my name to The List, I’m making the following undertaking:

1) I will make myself available for interview at reasonable notice, I acknowledge that I might be required to attend an interview on the same day, either in studio or over the phone.

2) I will be ready to proactively participate in media debate on my subject area in response to topical new coverage. This might mean that I get in touch to offer my voice to debate without waiting to be called.

3) If I am unable to take part for whatever reason, I will be able to offer three names of other women with similar expertise.

This initiative is sponsored by

Ulster University

Ulster University