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Managing the Media for ASCL Members

Have you wondered what you might do in the event of a media crisis? What if a story gains momentum in local media and you feel powerless to manage the situation? This workshop has been developed to equip ASCL members with inside knowledge of the news industry.  If a news story breaks, you’ll know how […]


What to wear on TV

We’re often asked for advice on what to wear on TV or in a video.  Whilst you might spend hours agonising over your look, it’s really best for you to keep it simple.  If you’re wearing something distracting, then that’s all your viewers will remember.  After all, you want your viewers focussing on what you […]

Inspired | Local Women | April 2017

Hello ladies, When it comes to growing your business, we all know that networking is where it’s at. After all, networking increases your visibility and helps you to find new customers. But that little n-word can strike terror into many people’s hearts!  If you’re one of those otherwise happy, confident, life-loving people that just doesn’t […]

Speakeasy Club – Media Interviews

  TV and radio are an opportunity for you to amplify your influence.  But how do you get a journalist interested in your story?  And what steps should you take to prepare for a media interview? Attend this one-day course help you to learn what journalists need from you to create a newsworthy story.  We’ll show you camera […]

Speakeasy Club – Foundations

  Do you work in sales and marketing and wish that you could develop and deliver strong messages? Do you manage contracts and present frequently to your clients? Do you run your own business and want to present to prospective clients at events? Or maybe you have a big event coming up and you’re wondering: “What […]

Speakeasy Club for Business Storytelling

Has it been a while since you’ve changed your presentation style? Would you like new ideas to get your message across more meaningfully? Would you like to build more compelling sales pitches? Audience expectations are shifting all the time and attention spans are contracting.  Great storytelling helps you to overcome this problem and make a real […]

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Research communications with Ulster University

Ulster University is committed to research impact, and its reputation for research excellence has received global recognition. Ulster University wants to make sure its best research helps tackle the world’s biggest challenges, improves lives and changes outcomes. However, it can be difficult for researchers to explain complex theories and societal impact to a non-academic audience. For […]