Awesome Online Presentations

Stand out and connect when you present online

Do you or your team present to your audiences online?

People have been resilient, and we’ve all adapted to new ways of reaching customers, motivating teams and engaging suppliers.

If you’re like most people, you’ll know that it’s not just a case of loading up the Powerpoint you’ve been using for your face-to-face meetings.

Working with online audiences needs a whole new approach. 

Your personal impact through the camera lens is under the spotlight like never before.

As Maya Angelou famously said, people will forget what you said, they’ll forget what you did but they’ll never forget the way you made them feel. And this is key to impact in your Zoom or Teams presentation.

If you’d like to invest in your personal impact in an online world, we’d love to help.

How will we work with you?

Step 1.

Book your bespoke one-hour one-to-one consultation to identify your goals.

Step 2.

Develop your presentation or talk with our guidance.

We’ll give you access to your personal online learning experience for carefully curated content that has helped thousands of people to give amazing presentations, talks and speeches. Access these resources in your own time at your own pace, and we’ll facilitate your questions, and support you as you build a presentation to make you proud.

Step 3.

Book a one-hour one-to-one rehearsal coaching slot at a time that suits for tailored feedback to make your presentation amazing.

Step 4.

Get a recording of your coaching session to watch in your own time.

Step 5.

Get online and present at your event. Bask in the reflected glory. 

Why take this programme?

  • Benefit from experienced facilitators who have worked with thousands of presenters to help them to win business, influence stakeholders and build confidence for presentations, TED Talks, TV appearances, webinars and meetings
  • Learn camera presence techniques from experienced BBC journalist Sarah Travers
  • Find out how to structure your presentation to persuade and influence
  • Your time is limited in an online presentation – find out how to maximise your time for big impact
  • Overcome your inner imposter syndrome and take this opportunity to share your expertise!
  • Get insights into the techniques top speakers use to prepare and perform
  • Get feedback and support to help you to think differently about your personal communication style
  •  Get access to proprietary tools and techniques to build the most impactful presentation you’ll ever give
  • One2one consultation x 2
  • Personal, facilitated online learning experience
  • Recordings of sessions provided
  • Bespoke sessions available for groups

    £450 + VAT/€500

Deliver the most impactful presentation you’ll ever give

Available For Teams

This training is also available as a social learning programme for your team.

Why Work With Us?

I found the programme very inspiring, from the initial pitches that we were thrown straight into, through to the online learning modules and finally to the final presentation itself. The feedback was very informative and will certainly help me develop my presentation style in the future. Thanks again Camilla and Sarah.

Terry Robb
Head of Personal Banking Ulster Bank

This course was a revelation. It’s made me rethink my whole client-facing approach. I highly recommend Bespoke Communications and the Powerful Online Presentations course.  Superb.

Michael Gerner
Precise Proposals

Being able to competently address a crowd is of paramount importance to my career. After working with Sarah and Camilla, both my confidence and my competence levels have increased. If I had let fear take over and stop me, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Niamh Taylor
24 Digital

I received training on communication and presentation skills from Bespoke Communications as part of my new role in financial services. This was delivered to the entire team I work alongside, and you could really see a marked improvement in the entire team’s confidence levels and their finesse at presenting

Catherine Hart

Camilla offered me invaluable help in tailoring my pitch to a non-scientific audience. She helped me to emphasise the innovative nature of our research, the scale of commercial possibility for our technology  and most of all, made our concept stand out in a very competitive process.  She helped me to structure an investor-friendly pitch

Prof John Callan